How to download youtube videos and earn bitcoin

Youtube videos downloading tension is much felt nowadays. But it's easy to download. Just read my article from first to last.

How to earn bitcoin easily and publish your methods public: Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency. You cannot use it directly like the money of the virtual world. so you have to know about accessing ways of bitcoin. My post about you to help more. How can you earn bitcoin easily? So now follow my instruction on this topic. If your computer is high configured so use crypto tab browser and earn bitcoin.  You can use crypto tab for your phone, tablet pc, desktop pc, any types of device. Link available here click the link and go to download option to download. Cryptotab
Or you can increase your audience to grow up bitcoin mining. use this link to know about affiliate marketing of the earning methods. affiliate link
On the image, I showed my earning process is ongoing. 
how to do affiliate programming?  see the picture... 

After opening your cryptotab browser you …

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